• Nicole Wagner-Moore

My Brilliant Breakthrough in Padded Shorts

Updated: Mar 6

Lately, I’ve been really working on intentionally using my time - like if I were on a time budget (which I guess we all are….24 hours is all we get to spend on this day), I’m being careful to spend what I’ve got wisely - and consciously.

Thursdays start early for me as I teach a class and have back-to-back appointments right after that class. I got up a little before 5:30am and saw that my puppy had an accident that I had to clean up. Then she had another one.

YIKES! Cleaned that up.

Then I made my coffee and sat down to meditate and read my daily guidance and journaled. I had to be a bit shorter in this time than I typically like but, sometimes that’s how it is. I took the puppy out for a walk (way too early for her, but if I didn’t do this now, she’d have to wait until mid-day, so…out we went!).

I came back inside and got into my clothes for spin cycling, even as I was bemoaning the fact that I *only* had time for a 20-minute HIIT ride and then a 20-minute Low Impact ride.

I felt the familiar resistance creep into my brain, into my body.

It sounds something like this, “it’s not enough…why bother if you can *only* do these 2 short classes?” I wanted to bargain with myself and put off the exercise until I could do more, until I could make it “really count”.

It’s such a typical pattern for me and it shows up in various ways throughout my day.

I want to clean, I don’t have time to take apart the couch…maybe I’ll wait (picks up phone and browses Instagram)

I wanna read my book, I don’t have much more than 20 minutes, I may not even complete a chapter…maybe I’ll wait until bedtime so I can really “get into it”. (watches Netflix after dinner and falls asleep on the couch, totally forgets about reading)

I would love to work on my business proposal for presentation so it really impresses my networking group, but I’m not feeling too inspired and I have to go pick up my nephew from school in less than an hour…I’ll do it first thing tomorrow, when I’m fresh (tomorrow morning is already triple-booked with other tasks I’ve procrastinated on…that business proposal won’t get no love tomorrow morning)

I am committing to making all of my meals from scratch, I want to eliminate ALL processed foods from my diet…this takes a TON of work, shoot…what about canned beans and boxed vegetable broth?? Screw it, I’ll order Thai food in tonight and begin this new way of cooking on Sunday when I can have enough time to prep all my food for the week (Sunday comes and so does a head cold and I’m totally NOT feeling like cooking or prepping so I’m back to pushing it off until I have enough time…)

So…yeah…this is my

REALTIME truth. And it’s a monster of a habit, this sabotaging way that I procrastinate because I am believing that it’s never enough.

And, you can see by the end of these scenarios, I end up with NOTHING. Talk about “not enough”!!

So, back to me in my padded cycle shorts and getting on the bike for the double 20-minute spin classes this morning…cuz I DID get on that bike!! And I gave it everything I had!

I chose to do this by believing that what I was about to do was ENOUGH.

Game. Changer.

Instead of putting off my exercise until the evening, I showed up - rode FULL OUT - and moved into my day energized, focused and feeling so proud of myself!

You know what else I got from that experience? Evidence.

PROOF that what I am doing IS ENOUGH. That, my loves, is worth the fight. So when you start to feel like what you’re doing, what you have time for, isn’t enough - try showing up anyhow.

I promise you, it will be worth it.


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