• Nicole Wagner-Moore

Allowing Kindness to Speak Her Wisdom

I woke up this morning, feeling so blah…this did not fit into the day I wanted - needed - to have.

I started to feel angry that my day was about to be hijacked by inconvenient negative emotions. I didn’t have the time for this shit! Get up! Get dressed! Meditate! Pray! Move your body! Just Go! My chest got tighter, and the more I resisted, the more frustrated I felt.

I closed my eyes, remembering the promises I have made to myself, I took a deep breath.

I asked myself, what would kindness sound like?

Tears welled up in my eyes. It surely would sound and feel a lot better than what I was saying to myself....

Sound familiar?

Speaking kindly to ourselves isn't typically the default for us.

We're harsh and impatient with ourselves. We wonder why the hell we're still struggling with certain things - why over and over, we face the same "issues"....and you know we keep track of these, don't we?

We punish ourselves and feel like failures if we're not producing the perfection we expect from ourselves and we withhold the grace and understanding we offer so freely to others.

In the moments like the one I had found myself in, speaking kindly sometimes feels like asking the impossible. So, what if instead, we allow ourselves to get quiet and listen to what Kindness herself might say to us...

I checked back in with myself and asked Kindness to speak...

...and what I heard was my whole self saying, I am worthy.

I am enough.

I am able to overcome whatever is served to me, be it frightening or be it greatness that makes me feel small in my body, small in presence.

Let go.

Stop thinking and just let go.

Surrender your ideas of control and certainty. You’re trying to manage an entire universe but you feel like you cannot manage yourself.

Come home to yourself.

Be in this moment.

Feel how complete you are in this moment.

Lighten up!

Let light fill you up and shine out into the world around you, down to the path before you, see it lit and open.

All you need is accessible to you. There isn’t a deficit. But, you’ve been playing at that. You have managed to convince yourself that there isn’t enough of you. Not enough inspiration, words, energy or proof/evidence.

Let it go.

Open up your heart to feel how whole you are. Open up your eyes to see that what you seek, what you long for is already yours.

You have peace.

You have abundant joy.

You have freedom.



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